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Positive hopes for employment in SA

Dec 11, 2013 643 view(s)

Inspite of the ongoing employment crisis, expectations for better employment opportunities is still going positive in some sectors. Based on the survey by the Manpower Employment Outlook for the first quarter of 2014 - Better employment opportunities are found in the electricity, gas and water supply, mining and quarrying sectors.

Employers are planning to follow moderate hiring plans of around 4% in the first quarter in 2014. Though the probable future of the better employment opportunities is sustained every quarterly, it is five percentage points stronger every year.

The Western Cape showed a great increase with 10% and secures first position with the highest paid Payroll gains, then comes the Eastern Cape with 7%. Looking the other side in Gauteng and KwaZulu -Natal there is only 3% of expected growth, the probability of being hired are moderate. And in Free State, a 2% reduction can be expected.

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