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Converting the waste into an art, an opportunity to create job

Dec 5, 2013 606 view(s)

Though there are official policies, schemes and job creating programmes led by the government, a new smarter way has came up on the floor to help in job creation. This will definitely boost up various economic opportunities in the region and in turn provide an employment.

It is for the third time the “Waste-To-Art Market” will demonstrate and disclose various innovative ideas regarding how to create good things in an artistic way from different waste materials mostly thrown in the disposal or garbage area.  The artist can also sell the goods and economically benefit himself.

This project is just to decrease the amount of waste and the garbage produced in the city and make people aware about new ways to reuse it - says Jeffery Finnies, the Solid Waste Management officer.

Since past three years he travelling around the region and helped the people in terms of earning by creating various opportunities to make goods and selling them.

Finnies says that “I have been to areas like Manenberg, Hout Bay and Hanover Park acknowledging people about this business and its opportunities.”

He prefers and chooses only the original and the best product to go on sell in the market.

Every year this program includes one unique piece which is kept at the Iziko Museum which is in the company’s garden. Like this year the centre of attraction is the “RHINO”. This Market exhibition will continue upto December 13 on the Government Avenue in Company’s Gard.

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